Roll the dice to solve puzzles in Cube Compute!

In each level, you will have to rotate the dice so that the sum of each face in the section adds up to the target number. There are 15 levels in total; see if you can solve them all!

Cube types:
- Basic (introduced in lvl 1)
- Locked (introduced in lvl 6; can't be rotated)
- Negative (introduced in lvl 11; number is subtracted instead of added)

- Programming: MarinaTOO, vilanelle
- Art: KingRaj4826, Alenn
- Music: John Martinez

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorsMarina TOO, KingRaj4826, vilanelle_00


Download 33 MB
Download 41 MB


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I really like the visuals and music of the game! The gameplay is simple, but fitting for a short puzzle session. I like that there are different kinds of dice, each with different number sets.

Thank you for your comment.

i dont want full screen

Sorry about that! That bug will be fixed in a post-jam version. 

very relaxing (:


Good Puzzle Game. Music is relaxing. Some more colors would have been nice.

Thanks for the feedback! 

I really like the ambiance in this game. The music and sound effects are so relaxing!

The game itself is quite simple, so, while it adds to the relaxing feel of the game - in the first levels, you can almost brute force your way to victory.

Except from the already mentioned bug that you can keep spinning the dices after you won and the visual/sound cue when you hit the desired number for a certain sub-area - there is nothing else i can add! A option to recolor the dices to make them more appealing, perhaps?

Great game - you should be proud!


Thanks for the feedback! Some of the levels are intentionally easy to brute force because they're meant to be tutorial levels that make you understand how the dice work. Also, an option to recolour the dice or the backgrounds could be interesting. 

Glad to hear you loved the music as well! It was made by John Martinez.

Great idea! It is simple, but everyone can instantly pick it up and play a few games.

Minor improvement: Add a sound if you hit the desired number for a certain sub-area. 

The music is great. I would find it interesting if the player had only a limited number of clicks per level. (maybe a hard mode)

However, great work you have done! :) 

Thanks for the feedback! I like the idea of adding a sound if you got the right number in a section. Someone in another comment suggested a visual cue instead, which could also work. A hard mode with a limited number of moves could also be interesting. 

Also, glad to hear you loved the music! It was made by John Martinez



Oh,my best friend,you create a splendid game,which not only creates users' brain and but also relieves their emotions.

As a user,I really feel too relaxed to I am fond of it.


Thanks! Glad to hear you loved it so much! :)

the art is amazing :)

Thanks for the feedback! The art was mostly made by me, with some help from Alenn. 

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amazing work! love the art, the music is great. only thing I seemed to find off was that you can keep rotating the dice after the level has completed.

Thanks for the feedback! The art was mostly made by me with some help from Alenn, and the music was made by John Martinez

Also, although we'll definitely fix that bug if we update this game post-jam, luckily it's minor enough that it doesn't affect much. 

very fun game :D

Thanks! :)

Awesome artwork and music! Nice job! I don't even like math but this got me goin for a bit.

Check out our submission!

Thanks for the feedback! The art was mostly made by me with some help from Alenn, and the music was made by John Martinez

Also, I love your game as well!

Really great puzzles and gameplay!

Thanks! :)

Hello! Gg wp I like the idea.

Thanks! :)